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The Special Relationship by Frederica Hendricks Noble

The Special Relationship by Frederica Hendricks Noble

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Today I am on the Blog Tour for The Special Relationship and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: The Special Relationship
Author: Frederica Hendricks Noble
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 20th July 2021
Source: N/A
Summary: The Special Relationship describes how one American woman fell in love with a British man and learned the rules of engagement in order to make her life in England successful. Are you thinking about dating (or marrying) a British man and heading off to the United Kingdom to be with him? Have you found your Mr. Darcy? This book offers insider tips and advice from an American who found her Prince Charming. Her beguiling “prince” affectionately refers to her as the “original Meghan Markle”. This practical, easy-to-read, and sometimes humorous guidebook will help modern women better understand British men, English culture and how to create their own special relationship.

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I feel so fortunate to live and love in these modern times. Although, I am old enough to have used a rotary telephone and a typewriter, I can’t remember the last time I used either to call someone or write a love letter. Technology has changed the way we meet, date, socially interact and communicate with people. We are now able to locate almost anyone, anywhere, at any time thanks to the Internet, social media and access to a smartphone. It is easier now to connect and keep in touch, even over long distances. The days of writing an advert and placing it in the personal classified section of your city’s local magazine or newspaper don’t exist anymore. There are many traditional ways today’s modern woman can meet the man of her dreams (e.g., work, church, school, travelling). However, she also has access to relationship sites and dating apps, which are common features of our everyday life now. Of course, the old-fashioned way of being introduced to someone by a family member or a mutual friend also still works. No matter how you come to meet your Englishman, use technology to learn more about him. Look at his Facebook or LinkedIn page. Does he have a social media presence? Does he use Twitter, TikTok or Instagram? Take some time to investigate his digital footprint. If he doesn’t have one, what does that tell you? Could it be that he is an international man of mystery and works for MI6? Probably not, but make this a fun endeavour – you could uncover some useful information that might be important at a later date (pun intended). Finally, use technology to your advantage and to build your relationship. You can connect through email, IM, DM, video chat or social media.

Why is a map important? A map will help you understand and differentiate between the countries of the United Kingdom. He might tell you he’s British, but you can deconstruct this even further. You can start with something small like his accent. The British man’s accent can tell you a great deal about him. For instance, if your man sounds like the actor James McAvoy or Iain Glen, chances are he’s Scottish and not English. English accents, much like American ones, vary by geographical location. Think of how Ricky Gervais does not sound like Daniel Kaluuya, James Cordon or Damian Lewis. All Englishmen do not sound the same. For instance, Marcus Rashford, an English footballer from Manchester does not sound like Ian Wright, a former English footballer from London. I’ll say more about this in Chapter 3 – Speaking English, but having a map will show you where he calls home, and knowing a little something about a man’s hometown will give you something to talk about on your first date. You can say, “Tell me about the place you grew up.” If he lives in a different place than where he grew up, you can say, “What’s different about where you live now and where you spent your childhood?” If you have taken the time to learn about his nationality, you’ll be starting your dating relationship in a good place.

About the Author

Frederica Hendricks Noble is a trained psychologist and board-certified life coach. She studied psychology at Vassar College in New York and received her PhD in Counselling Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has taught psychology at universities in the United States and England. Her interests include writing about relationships and helping others create their life strategies. Frederica is now the Principal Consultant and Lead Life Strategist at Noble & Noble Consulting, where she coaches private clients through personal and professional transitions. 

Born in Detroit, Michigan, she met her Englishman online while living in Los Angeles. A thoroughly modern woman, Frederica subsequently moved to England to live, work, and be a mom. She has dual citizenship and considers both Nashville, Tennessee and Somerset, England home. Frederica wrote The Special Relationship to provide women with practical advice on how to navigate dating (or marrying) a Brit. Part cultural commentary, part relationship coaching and part travel guide, The book details the humorous culture clash which happens when an American woman falls in love with a British man. Frederica offers insider tips and guidance on how to have a successful, modern day Anglo-American relationship.

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