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The Rescuists by Geoffrey Fitchett

The Rescuists by Geoffrey Fitchett

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for The Rescuists by Geoffrey Fitchett and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: The Rescuists
Author: Geoffrey Fitchett
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 27th February 2022
Source: N/A
Summary: Princess Petra of Prague, reputedly beautiful beyond compare and daughter of Bad King Wenceslas, he being the son of the late Good King Wenceslas, but where is she and why didn’t she show up?

Convinced some dastardly deed has prevented her attendance, they take the bold step of going in search of her. None could have known what trials awaited them, because it is an adventure that will dramatically change all their lives.

It is a laugh out loud happy story of friendships, romances, a victory for common-sense over politics, for uncommon nonsense over conformity and for love over bigotry. A fairy tale for adults in the modern era.

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With so many present, it might seem odd that one absentee should be so sorely missed. Not so, for she would be like the last piece of a colourful jigsaw, in essence just one of so very many rich and gilt-backed works of art, tipped onto the plush velvet in an untidy pile and waiting for the process of sorting, grouping, aligning and conjoining. Now look more closely and notice they are all unique in shape, with their outies and innies, their holes, slots, tabs and knobs, the occasional straight edge and the wonderful hues they cast under party lighting. She may be just one of many hundreds but here she was made crucially important by virtue of not being where she ought.

There they were gathered, the others. All the kings, all the queens, all the princes, all the princesses, a great many barons and baronesses, lords and ladies, counts and viscounts, knights of great gallantry, poets of great notoriety, composers and designers, artists and musicians and indeed anyone who had done anything of sufficient note to make them famous beyond their own city walls.

Also gathered, but not as guests, were the hundreds more people whose task it was to ensure all went smoothly. These were the cooks and waiters, porters and cleaners, bakers and butlers, chauffeurs for the many carriages and grooms for the countless horses, stern looking ladies and gentlemen directing events, ladies-in-waiting who were indeed waiting on their mistresses and a few others who just appeared to be waiting, for what precisely? For money of course, but in the meantime, they would wait for the next request to do some little thing for their master or mistress which any normal person would happily do for themselves. Mostly they were being busy bees grumbling about what time it was and how much they still had to do and how they wished they could sit down with a nice cup of tea but in between, they stood about looking like disdainfully snooty statues. Their location was carefully chosen, not close enough to immediately offer assistance but not far enough away to be accused of desertion.

And what was all this society doing gathered here in Vienna, having travelled from the ends of the Earth, namely Lisbon and London, Naples and Edinburgh, Budapest and Brussels, Copenhagen and Istanbul, Paris and Barcelona, Helsinki and Hamburg, Saint Petersburg and Stockholm, Seville and Oslo? Why, for the wedding of Princess Isabella and Prince Rupert of course, he soon to be King, she soon to be Queen and if all goes as expected, the bride and groom’s departure for their honeymoon would promptly follow the funeral of the groom’s father and old King Johan (those two people being one and the same) and who was particularly ill with quinsy and dark fevers of the furrowed and feverish brow. The coincidence of his death and their union would swell the list of attendees to his send off and save another long journey for all those annoyingly obliged to return should he selfishly linger longer.

About the Author

Before writing The Rescuists Geoff spent his professional life in the role of coach and trainer for businessmen and women.  “Being eternally interested in the human condition and meeting so many fascinating people over the years has been a real gift.  Traveling the world for work may have paid the bills but it was always the inhabitants who fascinated me more than the exotic locations.”  Writing trade articles and training manuals means he has spent a lot of time tapping away at his laptop, but until The Rescuists, there were scant opportunities for humour in his written work.  “Laughter is such a tonic, I find some folks’ professional reluctance towards it sad.  There are few situations a little humour can’t improve.”

Geoff and his American wife live in Shrewsbury.  They have four daughters and a cat.

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Will you be reading this book?

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