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The Children of Moonstone Beach by F V Miller

The Children of Moonstone Beach by F V Miller

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for The Children of Moonstone Beach and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: The Children of Moonstone Beach
Author: F V Miller
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 30th September 2021
Source: N/A
Summary: Do you have a moonstone tucked away at the back of a drawer? If you do, then dig it out, hold it close and read this heartfelt adventure, because you are invited to dive wholeheartedly into the magical world of Moontide, where almost anything can happen with a moonstone in your hand.

Join four unlikely friends as they are thrown together on a beach far away from their homes in London amidst the chaos of the Covid pandemic as it hits the UK.

Troubled, lost, sad and with hearts searching for more, they unknowingly kickstart a chain of events which sees them swept up into a new and spellbinding world; one that has been waiting patiently for their arrival for a very long time.

With royal dragons, howling wolves, evil magic-maker pirates, a sea nymph, a bog monster, flying cats and a war to wage, the children must find out who they really are before they can embrace the magic they hold within.

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Far, far away utterly hidden amongst a multitude of stars is a tiny little planet called Moontide. You will not have heard of it as it is entirely magical and completely secret. It’s where the first sparks of magic were ignited by the dragons who protected its skies. It’s where the ancient spirits came together to protect the delicate balance of magic which spread to your planet long ago with the discovery of the Moonstones. The destiny of humans was thus protected, and over time the spirits became dream-weavers, sea nymphs and navigators in an effort to guide both worlds in unity. Moontide is now in grave danger and I have to believe that humans can help us. An ancient prophecy speaks about the children of Earth coming to our rescue, it has been written on the silvery magic of moonbeams for centuries. Perhaps it’s even one of you reading this now?

It all started with Moonstones you see; the magic, the adventure… and inevitably, the trouble!

Moonstones are still revered to some extent on your planet as beautiful and colourful stones that a few of you still believe hold a powerful connection to the moon itself. Humans have held them as objects of beauty, symbols of love, protection and travel. And you on Earth are halfway there and halfway not at all, many of you might have one, but it’s probably at the bottom of a jewellery box, or at the bottom of a drawer. So much of it has been forgotten because, you see, the power of the Moonstones is so much more than you can ever begin to imagine. They can reveal the parts of your soul that have long been lost and they bring out the magic. Moonstones can lift the veil between our two worlds, connect the elements of fire, water, earth, air and space and perhaps most importantly of all, they can use the light of the moon to create and restore magic. 

And here on the watery world of Moontide we don’t just have one moon, we have two. Our world is quite different to yours, but it exists in unison with yours too, it’s parallel. We exist because you do, and you exist because we do. Everything we do has been to help Earth and to grow and protect magic. Light and magic are as interwoven in our world as love is between a parent and child. It’s deep, it’s instinctive, it’s honest, heartfelt and brave. 

I am a dream-weaver, I have lived in-between the realms for thousands of years, drifting on moonbeams, flying with dragons and riding the giant alogos on the crests of our waves. I travelled to Earth and back through the places across our sea filled world where the magical waters meet, Moonstones were always in my crown, on my necklace and on my rings. They have always been a part of everything I am, and they are why I have been able to heal, to teach and to protect. 

But a great war has begun and rages on. Dark clouds have surrounded our city, there is no way out, there is no access to the moons or the Moonstones and my magic is no longer a part of me. Before the terrible attack I had sent for the dragons to protect the Moonstones along the beach. I reached out to all of magic-kind asking them to hide; I called to the lost navigators for help; I sent word for Yura, the sea nymph on Earth to protect where the waters-meet but I heard nothing in return. Nothing for what has probably been many years on Earth.

About the Author

Wiltshire based author Faye Miller grew up spending every holiday, as well as countless weekends at her grandmother’s cottage in the heart of the Blackdown Hills. She was lucky to be only a (moon) stone’s throw away from many of the beautiful beaches in East Devon and Dorset and her first ever poem entitled, ‘Devon is a Place in Heaven’, was written there when she was just six years old.  

She recently returned to the same beautiful beaches with her own children and it is these new experiences, now seen through her children’s eyes mixed with her own rich memories which have inspired her first book. 

Faye began writing this book after watching her eldest daughter dance and sing in front of the waves on a beach in Devon, but it wasn’t until the first UK lockdown that she really felt all the pieces of her idea coming together. With her own child vulnerable to the virus, she was inspired to create a world that children can escape into. With a narrative that addresses real and immediate worries that young children deal with every day – from the virus, family issues and sibling rivalry to divorce and loneliness, the story really resonates, while the magic of it lingers long after you put the book down.   

The overall theme is one of friendship and of love; of a family coming together, and of how a true adventure can reveal the magic hidden inside of us all. 

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