Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy

Review Requests are currently CLOSED.
However, I will happily accept book review requests from publishers.

If you need help with getting reviews or organising a blog tour, you can have a look at my PR services here.

I am also always happy to participate in book tours and host authors with interviews and guest posts. Please do get in touch if you would like me to host you or your author.

Books I Will Read

Picture Books

(some) Historical

Due to my workload, I cannot promise that I will read and review your book straight away. However, I do try to read and review books within six months of receiving the book.

I also cannot guarantee that I will review your book. If I start reading the book and find that it is not to my liking or is something that I just can not continue, I will let you know and will not review the book. I do try to continue reading even if I am not truly enjoying the book to get a feel for the target audience but if this is impossible, I will stop reading.

I always write honest, subjective reviews that will detail how I felt during a book, but I will also let others know who I believe would enjoy the book as well.

All reviews I publish on this blog are also published on Goodreads.
If you would like me to cross-post my review on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, please let me know in your request.

I reserve the right to refuse to accept any book request sent my way.

If you believe your book matches the above descriptions, please do click the button below. 
I will ignore any emails that ignore my review policy.

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