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How to Be True by Daisy May Johnson

How to Be True by Daisy May Johnson

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for How to Be True and I am here with some information about the book and if you head over to my instagram, you can also see my initial thoughts!

Title: How to Be True
Author: Daisy May Johnson
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Published: 7th July 2022
Source: N/A
Summary: Some stories are about love.  Some are about revolutionaries.  Some are about macarons. This one is about all three.

Edie comes from a family of troublemakers. When her activist parents leave Paris to protest around the globe, her talent for mischief lands her in hot water with her strict grandmother, who packs her off to the School of the Good Sisters to make her into a ‘proper young lady’.

But this is no ordinary school: here, the nuns teach genuinely useful things, like how to build a perfect library, cater for midnight feasts and make poison darts. Adventurous Edie feels right at home – until a school trip to her actual home in Paris is planned. Things in her grandmother’s chateau are not as they were, however, and soon Edie and her rebellious friends are embroiled in a mystery involving a precious painting, a very persistent burglar and a secret from her grandmother’s past…

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About the Author

Writer, researcher, chartered librarian and former A14 Writer In Residence with the University of Cambridge, Daisy wears a lot of literary hats. She blogs about children’s literature at Did You Ever Stop To Think, about her research at Big Boots and Adventures, and can be found happily gossiping about children’s books on Twitter.

She’s a specialist in children’s literature, and has written about gifted and talented characters, the representation of landscape, literary tourism, and currently researches young girls and creative writing. Her favourite children’s books include boarding schools, buns, and silver brumbies wandering around the outback.  She’ll talk to you for days about how groundbreaking The Chalet School In Exile is. And when she’s not reading or writing books, she’s making chocolate brownies and watching vintage films. She loves a Gene Kelly dance number, fangirls over Burt Lancaster, and adores a good Powell and Pressburger.

Daisy’s first novel for children, How To Be Brave, was published in the UK (Pushkin Press) and US (Henry Holt) in July 2021. The next book in the series, How To Be True, is due out in 2022.

Will you be reading this book?

Bee x

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