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Blog Tour | Your Invisible Enemy, Your Invisible Power by Loreen McKellar

Your Invisible Enemy, Your Invisible Power by Loreen McKellar

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for Your Invisible Enemy, Your Invisible Power by Loreen McKellar and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: Your Invisible Enemy, Your Invisible Power
Author: Loreen McKellar
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 24th November 2020
Source: N/A
Summary: Using scientific research to back up popular law of attraction teachings Your Invisible Enemy, Your Invisible Power is the first book to identify that significant numbers of fans of the law of attraction are suffering from depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviours as a consequence of growing up in a dysfunctional household. This experience has left them unable to benefit from the law of attraction. “Overcoming the lingering effects of childhood trauma is what causes the mental, emotional, and spiritual shift that allows the law of attraction to work.” The self-doubt and fear learned in your dysfunctional childhood is an invisible enemy sabotaging your very best efforts to live the life you want. Facing your past, feeling the pain and finding faith and purpose will release you from denial and project you into a powerful new world where a myriad of possibilities will reveal themselves. This book will give you clear-cut directions on how to recover from the past, find your purpose and prosper.

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Are you one of the many followers of the law of attraction who are not achieving their dreams and goals? Despite your best efforts, do you find your negative thinking hijacks your thoughts? Do you sometimes feel there’s an invisible enemy inside you blocking your path to the things in life you desire and envision?

If you answer “yes,” then I want you to know you’re not alone. The law of attraction has been taught since the late nineteenth century, yet over a century later even John Assaraf, presenter in the film, The Secret, put the manifestation failure rate at 99 per cent.

The time has come for a new approach. Life is moving fast: technology which ten years ago was the stuff of science fiction is now in our homes and our pockets. All this advancement came from the minds of humans. People just like you are envisioning new ideas and making them a reality.

You can see the possibilities for a better life, but there’s a problem. You feel you’re not tapping into the positive energy that’s lifting everyone else. As you struggle to use the law of attraction for your own benefit, you wonder, “Why are so many people using their minds to send our fellow humans into space and achieve other wondrous things, while I’m stuck in first gear, unable to get out of the garage?”

Hitherto, the information about achieving abundance and prosperity was ethereal and otherworldly. The dismal results make it clear that just putting up your vision board is not enough.

In this book, I’m going to reveal the powerful forces that may be holding you back. Often they take the form of ACEs or traumas. These can have a lasting, physical effect on your brain. That’s right: prolonged or acute stress can change the structure of your brain and make it more difficult for you to visualise and focus on the images of success at the core of the law of attraction. You may think you want success (however you define it), but because of the damage done by trauma and stress, you don’t feel you deserve success. To get what you want requires sustained effort, but you can’t keep the positive image in your mind long enough to reach it. The invisible enemy—which is secretive but powerful— tries to knock you off course. It tells you that failure is a more comfortable way to live than success, and that unhappiness is all you’re entitled to.

This book will show you, step by step, how you can identify your invisible enemy, confront it, and take away its power. With your newfound freedom, you can make the law of attraction work for you and set your sights on a life of sunlight and happiness.

Ready? Let’s get started!

About the Author

Loreen Mckellar’s passion for supporting and guiding adults to recover from the effects of their childhood trauma and so thrive and prosper flows through her regular London workshops.  Addressing real life issues such as money, relationships and food, Loreen has shred clear-cut directions to recovery with over 1000 adults who grew up in a dysfunctional household.  Loreen has studied with Dr Gabor Mate and Dr Bessel van der Kolk and she is a Member of the European Society of Trauma and Dissociation. Her research included poring over 250 scientific journals on trauma, attachment and mental health and over 100 books on the human mind and body and on self-development.  Loreen is a trader, a keen walker and an emerging nature photographer.

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