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Blog Tour: A Casino of Gods by David Dresner

A Casino of Gods by David Dresner

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for A Casino of Gods by David Dresner and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: A Casino of Gods
Author: David Dresner
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 18th March 2021
Source: N/A
Summary: It was a glorious time for the two teens, Glenda and Traveler! At home in their magical sanctuary, hidden in downtown Chicago, they immersed themselves in the city’s festive winter holiday season. Sadly, their holiday celebrations are cut short. Theo, the sanctuary’s protective god, tells them of an approaching great threat. The demigod jinn host is preparing to enter our world. They seek to defeat Theo. The malevolent fire creatures will arrive in the isolated Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. They chose the fifth century, a chaotic, brutal time. Rampaging Hun armies battle Germanic tribes for control of the vast region. The host uses this turbulence to mask its presence as it plots the ambush of Theo. The teens arrive feeling like unarmed gladiators entering the high-walled arena of the Transylvanian Mountains. Death surrounds them. Armed only with their invisibility skill and their trust in each other, they proceed into the Carpathian abyss.

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Everyone imagines, from time to time, what they would do with special powers. As children we often dream of flying. Sometimes that dream results in harsh scrapes, or worse, busted limbs when we jumped off a porch or low roof wearing a makeshift cape. Of course those nasty landings never happen to Batman or Spiderman.

Residing in a magical sanctuary in Chicago, Glenda and Traveler are teens who are actually developing those imagined powers. Their powers are real and hard-earned. They are the result of daily, exhausting study demanded by their sentient books. The books are expanding and reshaping their minds and bodies as containers to accept these powers.

The teens naturally enjoy using their newfound powers, they are exhilarating! While the teens cannot fly, they can jump quite high. They control gravity enough to ensure soft landings. Beyond jumping they have learned an invisibility skill called “stealth.” They can blend into any surrounding. Traveler, a frequent prankster, unwisely uses stealth to surprise Glenda. A big mistake.

To continue developing their powers there is a high cost. Book learning alone is not enough. They must face life‑threatening real-world challenges.

The ongoing development of their powers is essential for them to evolve into protective allies of a benevolent god named Theo. Theo has been an observer of our world since its birth. He predates the Big Bang with knowledge that is far beyond mankind’s understandings.

While observing our world Theo is suddenly threatened by a host of powerful demigod fire creatures called jinn. The jinn host has pursued Theo for eons, intent on absorbing him to gain his knowledge. Theo needs allies.

The teens faced their initial “beyond the books” challenge when they were charged by Theo to confront a single jinn. The creature had time-shifted choosing remote fifth‑century Transylvania.

The fifth century was a darkening time in Europe. Rome was rapidly collapsing. Asiatic invaders, led by Attila the Hun, were rampaging across Europe. Large, carnivorous animals ruled the dense forests of the Carpathian Mountains stalking humans as acceptable prey.

With much hesitancy, the two accepted the daunting mission. Aided by a giant named Olaff, they survived the confrontation. Believing they had succeeded they returned to their Chicago sanctuary.

Subsequent events proved their mission had come up short. The threat to Theo has actually increased. They must return once more to the Dark Ages and the Carpathian Mountains.

About the Author

David E. Dresner was born and raised in rural Ohio. He was an Eagle Scout and later high school president in both his junior and senior years. The social mores, the friendships, and the rivalries of his youth were character building and era defining and have stayed with him into adulthood. Dresner studied physics and mathematics at Carnegie Tech, now Carnegie Mellon, earning a B.S. and M.S, before training to become an actuary. Dresner enjoyed considerable professional success, working at major business consultancy firms at CEO and COO level before taking early retirement and starting a family. He has since dedicated himself to giving back to his community, supporting small businesses, churches and schools by developing their strategic plans, as well as tutoring children in core academic studies. Having travelled extensively and lived in France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, today David and his wife Nancy live in a rural part of Virginia, near Charlottesville. He is currently working on the fourth instalment of The Allies of Theo series; he will publish his third novel in 2020.

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