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Blog Tour; 100 Days of Solitude by Andrew Mossford

100 Days of Solitude by Andrew Mossford

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for 100 Days of Solitude by Andrew Mossford and I am here with an extract for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: 100 Days of Solitude
Andrew Mossford
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 25th February 2021
Source: N/A
Summary: 100 Days of Solitude explores the emotional, spiritual and literal upheaval brought about by the

Covid 19 pandemic, in verse.

Andrew Mossford draws on his own experiences of lockdown to create a collection of

poems with universal appeal.

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Day 1: Crappy Birthday, Annie!

Happy Birthday dear Annie, Happy Birthday my pet,
That sure was a Birthday, you’ll never forget!
A raging pandemic; draconian rules,
Our futures uncertain, as you walked out of school.

Could be many months, til you’re back there to learn,
Some of the children, may never return!
So terribly sad, makes you want to cry,
They barely had a chance to say ‘Bye’!

The pubs have shut, the restaurants closed,
Not an easy decision, I don’t suppose.
But Boris seems to be doing ok,
Growing into the role evermore each day.

The primary target, the current thrust,
Is to strike a balance between ‘Order’ and ‘Trust’.
Sharing the responsibility and stress,
So we all support the NHS.

Just spoke to The Shanster, in New York City,
Things out there are none too pretty.
The healthcare seems to bypass the poor,
It could turn into a civil war.

About the Author

Andrew is a simple family man, living in the north-west of England with his wife, 3 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 chickens, and 3-legged tortoise ‘Bernard’. Although he sits at a desk all day doing Financey things, he spends his spare time engulfed in creativity – a beautiful drawer of fine art, and a writer of extremely engaging poetry.

He loves a good adventure, having travelled all round Asia, cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, swam the Channel with his friends – basically, anything he can write a good poem about! And then along came the coronavirus crisis, what better opportunity for him to re-engage with his poetic genes. For 100 consecutive days, he compiled a unique and engaging record of one of the most extraordinary times of our lives…and ‘100 Days of Solitude’ was born.

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