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Blitz Bullion Busters by Daryl Joyce

Blitz Bullion Busters by Daryl Joyce

Hi All!

Today I am on the Blog Tour for Blitz Bullion Busters and I am here with an interview with the author for you all.

Before I share that though, here’s some information on the book.

Title: Blitz Bullion Busters
Author: Daryl Joyce
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 28th July 2022
Source: N/A
Summary: During the Blitz in World War II, £5 million pounds in gold bullion was loaded onto a secret, secure train in London.

When the train arrived at its destination the gold had vanished.

Eighty years later, three teenagers stumble across the mystery and set out to find the truth. What starts as an enjoyable search soon turns into a mysterious, dangerous and thrilling hunt under and through the streets of London, and a fight for their lives.

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Author Interview

What is your favourite thing about writing books?
I love the way that you are in control of these characters; what they do, how they react and ultimately what happens to them on their journey – both physically and mentally. They are crafted from people you know [or maybe you don’t want to know] and in a way it’s like being able to control your dreams.

Who is your favourite character in your book and why?
I like to think that there are elements of me in all the [good] characters in the book. Faiza learns to be more tolerant and not to judge so quickly, Wade learns that being headstrong doesn’t always work and Jack learns that sometimes he really does have to speak up sometimes. I suppose I would have to say Jack is my favourite character – shyness can be so debilitating – and I am possibly a lot like him.

What is your favourite drink to consume while writing?
Ah that depends, but I’d have to say Yorkshire Tea, Biscuit Brew. I’ve got through a fair few cups of that as I write!

Do you have any bad habits while you’re writing?
Procrastination is my greatest enemy and having the television or radio on as I write is a bad habit [for me] as I can get distracted! Also not realising how many biscuits I’ve eaten!

How did you research your book?
It started in school as I was teaching about the second world war and how gold bullion was sent out from central London when the war started – it really happened. It fascinated me and I wondered what would have happened if the gold just vanished. To research it, I read a lot number of books about Hidden London and its secrets – there are too many to count. I also read a lot online and visited many of the places that the characters go to. Some of the locations really used to exist, such as King William Street! Luckily there are documentaries and other eyewitness reports of these abandoned stations and they have helped enormously.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
At the start of the book, I am definitely a plotter, but loosely. By the time I am halfway through I often abandon or adapt lots of what I had planned and become a pantser! It’s quite exciting, but you just hope it isn’t rambling off on its own!

If you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose and why?
At the risk of sounding sad / geeky, I think I’d like to live in the world of Star Trek; it’s not always perfect but it is idealistic and broad in what it shows mankind could become. I don’t think I’d like to be captain [like headteachers, they all seem to need to be a bit mad] but maybe some lowly lieutenant in the engine room maybe!

If you could befriend any fictional character, who would you choose and why?
I like to meet the characters in my book for many reasons, but that aside and following on from my previous answer – I’d find it fascinating to meet Captain Picard [Star Trek Next Generation] who is just an excellent leader [and human at times] and also Sherlock Holmes; his deductive reasoning was astonishing.

About the Author

Daryl Joyce was born in Andover, Hampshire and brought up in Farnborough, also in Hampshire. He worked in IT for over twenty years, mostly in London, before deciding to do something more worthwhile than switching it off and on, and so become a primary school teacher.

Somewhere before being in school at 7am and after the end of a long day teaching hordes of young people, Blitz Bullion Busters was written. Daryl has long had a fascination with the London Underground and the myriad of stories surrounding it. Working with children has also given him valuable experience of what makes a story exciting and worthwhile.

When he is not writing, Daryl spends most of his time reading about hidden places underground and watching Star Trek. He now lives in Surrey, not far from Gatwick Airport with his wife and two pampered cats. This is his first book.

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